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Assemble your own longsleeve in our configurator

We use 100% cotton, but we can use thin french terry (which is 95% cotton), as well
We sew all the garments on our own factory.
It's not a mass-market production.
You choose the cut, length, colour, style of sleeve and hem style of your T-shirt.
The price is the same for any set of options
(longsleeve is + 10 euros)
Premium fabrics
Customised sewing
Reasonable price
from 39 €
from 49 €
How can I order a T-shirt?
1. Design a T-shirt|longsleeve to your taste in the configurator and pay for the order online.

2. We will sew a t-shirt specially for you according to your preferences.

3. Arrange delivery (free).

4. Don't forget to leave a review and post your stylish "look" on your Instagram.
Who is the manufacturer?
We have our own sewing factory in Moscow. We buy in materials ourselves and sew all garments in accordance with the State Standards.
Where can you deliver?
We deliver worldwide at rates of transport companies. Delivery to Europe is done within 3-8 days after the product is manufactured. The delivery is free.
Take the quiz and design your T-shirt at a discount price: from 39 instead 69 or longsleeve at a discount price: from 49 instead 79!

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Choose the hem style
Choose the length of sleeve
longsleeve is +10 euros
Choose the hem style of sleeve
Add embroidery?
+5 euros
Choose the fabric
Choose the colour
Choose the size
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Delivery: Delivery is FREE. Once your order is paid we'll start to sew it right away and ask you to fill the Delivery form.